Tibetan Culture

Tibet has a distinct culture that has grown over centuries despite being influenced by neighboring countries like India, Nepal and the Himalaya Regions. The Tibetan Culture is embraced by every resident despite the introduction of Buddhism in the area by missionaries from India and other countries. It is a hardly accessible place, and this inaccessibility is what has made its culture to stand firm. The intrusion of China and Indian people brought forth new arts, cultural practices, and astrology practices. You can book for tours in Pokhara to understand these concepts in detail as you enjoy the mesmerizing nature of the place.

Tibetan Medicine

This is an ancient traditional method of treating diseases that is also popularly known as the Sowa-Rigpa medicine. Its uses pulse findings and urinalysis results to treat health conditions. Most people who have been treated using this form medicine practice give it credit and acknowledge it for being effective and side-effect free. To treat health conditions, it combines the use of herbs and physical treatment techniques which include the Tibetan acupuncture and therapeutic massage. The Tibetan medicine believes in the concept of the Buddhism. That disease results from ignorance, attachment, and aversion. You can take tours in Pokhara to get the best understanding of this type of medicine.

Tibetan People

The Tibetan people constitute a population of over 7.8 million in the Tibetan native land itself. Their population is further expanded in the Tibetan Autonomous regions of China, Nepal, and Indian. They speak the Tibetan Language, and they are descendants of PhaTrelgenChangchupSempa and rock ogress Ma Drag Sinmo. Their practice of art, drama, medicine, and teaching was influenced and altered by the Buddhism in the 7th century, therefore, they have some Buddhism in them. Booking day tours in Pokhara will help you explore and understand their cultural practices in detail.

Things to Do in Cultural Tours in Pokhara

There are spectacular and breathtaking places that you can tour in Pokhara. Whether you like beaches, natural forests for adventure or you want to have cool places to enjoy private moments as you breathe clean air, Pokhara can offer you all that. The culture of Pokhara itself is enough to make you spend your entire day enjoying. Besides the attractive treasures that prevail in every corner of the place, the local people are also friendly and welcoming. You can tour the traditional markets of Pokhara and enjoy open space shopping where you can get unique Jewelry, local shoes and other fashion accessories.

To conclude, The Tibetan people are friendly, and the place contains a lot of tourist attraction amenities. You can tour the place for as long as you want without getting bored. The culture of the Tibetan people is mixed with Buddhism which makes it unique because it combines both Buddhism practices and the Tibetan cultural practices. Should you fall sick while on vacation, you can be treated using the Tibetan medicine which is known to be highly effective.

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