If you like shopping then Pokhara is definitely the place for you! Along the whole Lakeside road are shops of all types selling everything from traditional Nepalese pashminas and paper products to the latest trekking and mountaineering gear.

The vast majority of shops work on a barter system (although there are some ‘fixed price’ exceptions) so make sure you have a friendly haggle with the owner and see what deals you can get. The best rule is just pay what you are happy with – if the shop won’t agree with the price you think is fair, try a different shop as you will probably find the same item elsewhere.

Lakeside shops focus on tourists and a large selection of souvenirs, clothing and jewellery are available. In addition there are plenty of book & dvd shops. There are also a number of mini-supermarkets which stock all the traveller’s essentials, especially items such as confectionary, toiletries, alcohol and snacks. This makes them ideal for stocking up prior to heading off on your adventures.

If you have more serious shopping in mind, take a bus or taxi up to the local shopping centre in Pokhara, called Chipledhunga. Here you can find large supermarkets, fresh fruit and veg markets, traditional Nepali clothes, electronics and a huge selection of cheap shoes & clothing (although large/tall western sizes can be hard to get).

Alongside the shops, you can also find services of all types in Lakeside. Whether it be a relaxing massage after an arduous trekking adventure, a tattoo to remember your time Nepal or a yoga session to bring your body and mind in harmony, Pokhara offers a wide selection. If you need to plan your next adventure from Pokhara, there are travel agencies to organise all your travel requirements.

Top Tip: Lakeside shops are open 7 days a week, with most places open from around 9am to 9pm. Up the in the local town (Chipledunga), shops open around 10am and close around 7pm. Saturdays are the only day off with most places (except the biggest supermarkets) being closed.

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