Just like other things in life, a body massage is a personal choice especially after hiking. Again some people will argue that they should get a massage before the hiking experience. While others will like it just before they go hiking. Whichever you might prefer, I think both of them will be a good idea. Before hiking, you need the muscles to loosen a bit, and therefore a nice massage will help. A body massage after the hiking experience, you will need to have a nice massage. Here are some of the reasons why you need a massage after a trekking in Pokhara

Benefits of Massage to Your Body after a Hike

After the hiking experience, you are likely to come with sore feet, and you also feel exhausted on the whole body and mind.

Benefits to Muscles and Tissues

The body muscles are usually tired after a rigorous trekking experience. So you have aching muscles, and the joints too feel pain. The best you can do is having a massage so that the muscles feel relaxed and keep the body active. Deep muscle massage helps in the cardiovascular system, and therefore it is good after a busy hiking weekend.

When the massage therapist gives you a deep muscle massage, it acts as a manual assistance to the veins, and so blood will easily flow to the muscles and to the heart helping in relaxing. This delivers fresh oxygen to the muscles, and the functioning is better since muscles are nourished. It also helps in getting rid of toxins and waste products and as well supplying the body tissues with nutrients. This is important so as to regenerate the broken tissues quickly. Therefore you are able to get a short recovery time.

Psychological Benefits of a Massage after Hiking

The hiking experience can sometimes become bad. Especially where you have to sleep on the hard surface that you are not used to. There are also bad experiences when trying to achieve more during the hike and you really get tired. Some places you will fall as you try to get to the highest point while in others you are not able to achieve what your friends are achieving. In other times, you miss being home although you came to enjoy trekking. All these put together, have a psychological effect in your body, and you need to get rid of them after the hiking experience.

When you get a thorough muscle massage, the soothing effect will help the mind in relaxing and therefore you are able to forget all those worst experiences leaving you with a relaxed body and soul. Secondly, the free blood flow after a massage helps oxygen to circulate to the head and the muscles in the head, and therefore you refresh your body.

Based on above arguments, you should get a massage after your trek in Pokhara. It helps the muscles heal and also helps in having a free flow of blood in the body to the muscles and tissues giving you a faster recovery.

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